Ride With Core September the 11th climb

Ride With Core, in association with Paradox Sports, is teaming up for a multi-pitch climb in Yosemite National Park on September 11, 2014. Corey Reed, along with team members Michael Maina and Cameron Maina, are planning to take you on the RIDE of your life. Filming has begun for the challenging multi-pitch climb with Corey, a blind amputee adaptive athlete. It is an honor for us to climb with war veteran, combat wounded and current active-duty, DJ Skelton. We realize there are only weeks to prepare. We haven’t climbed in years. An all-out effort is being made with daily CrossFit WODs, ruck sack hikes, as well as climbing at Boulder Dash, an indoor rock gym. We believe in bringing these stories of inspiration and honor to our fallen heroes by challenging ourselves to new levels. Paradox Sports is bringing some of their best mountain climbers, so we are taking this seriously and training hard. Soon we will be announcing ridewithcore.com where you will be able to follow our training progress and receive updates from the climbing day.   -- RIDE